NINJAZZ RECORDS is an independent jazz record label for a small group of creative and original musicians seeking to associate with a community larger than what they could achieve within their own circle of influence. Through joining with a greater collective of like-minded people, NINJAZZ artists advance to sharing their music with larger audiences.

RICKY SWEUM ‘Earth Song’

Ricky Sweum (tenor & soprano saxes)
Dennis Lambert (piano)
Zak Croxall (electric bass)
Britt Ciampa (drums)
Benjamin Paille (trumpet)
Julie Bradley (vocal on “Earth Song”)
All compositions by Ricky Sweum. Molecular Expansion Music (BMI). Lyrics for “Earth Song” by Barbara Joy Weston. Artwork by Lynden Stone. Produced, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Ricky Sweum. Recorded in 2018 at 7th Floor Studios (Tokyo, Japan). Drums recorded by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recording (Brooklyn, NY).

“Each song gives listeners a glimpse into the artist’s unique approach and stretches his content towards different directions and ideas. From understated melodies to sophisticated arrangements with an unpredictable feel, Ricky will take you on an exciting musical journey, which truly knows no boundaries in terms of where the music can take you.”  – Peter Vidani,

“Streaming hypnotic lines together one by one, he tells the story of a soul who must sing and does so with unadulterated beauty and intelligence”
— Cicily Janus, author, New Face of Jazz

TIM WILLCOX ‘Superjazzers, Vol. 2’

Tim Willcox (tenor saxophone)
David Goldblatt (piano)
Bill Athens (acoustic bass)
Charlie Doggett (drums and percussion)
Tim Willcox’s second album for Ninjazz Records, featuring original modern jazz music with an ear towards classical, free, world and popular music. 
Recorded by Sascha Mueller at Supernatural Sound (Oregon City, Oregon). Mixed by Eric Eagle at Skoor Sound (Seattle, Washington). Mastered by David Goldblatt at Goldnotes Music (Portland, Oregon). Artwork by Randy Emberlin.

“Tim Willcox’s saxophone sings and, at times, broods passionately and inventively…”
— Doron Orenstein


Toby Koenigsberg (piano)
Tyler Abbott (bass)
Tommy Sciple (bass)
Jason Palmer (drums, toys)
“Drift”, the new album from the critically acclaimed Toby Koenigsberg Trio, pays homage to the late indy-rock icon Elliott Smith. Three unique arrangements of Smith’s music share the stage with three originals inspired by Smith’s uncanny gift for melody and beautiful harmonies. The members of the trio are dedicated followers of Smith’s music, as well as being immersed in the modern jazz scene. Like Smith, all three hail from the state of Oregon. A beautiful and simple statement, this album can be loved by anyone, and has endless intrigue and surprise for the jazzophile. Drift is an album of sublime and transcendent music.

“Koenigsberg likes to drive from the keyboard with a convincing aura that says, we are here to deliver an exotic message that you’ve never heard before…”
— Jim Santella, Cadence

“Wonderful touch…” — Marian McPartland

GREG GOEBEL ‘Rainy City’

Greg Goebel (piano)  
Rob Davis (tenor saxophone)  
Dave Captein (bass)  
Todd Strait (drums)
Praised by critics for “manifesting his ideas with the immediacy and sureness of a master craftsman” (Jazz Times) and as “a young musician with talent to make large waves” (Rifftides), pianist Greg Goebel shows himself as firmly rooted in tradition while simultaneously proving to be a unique voice among a new generation. Showcasing 9 diverse original compositions as well as one standard, Rainy City displays the rapport between players that only years of working together can bring. Joined by world class musicians Todd Strait (drums), Dave Captein (bass) and Rob Davis (tenor saxophone), this date features fiery blowing sessions, mixed meter grooves, songs with melodic pop sensibilities and moody ballads.

“Greg Goebel’s new CD Rainy City firmly places him in a small handful of world class improvisers that have taken the language of the jazz masters and combined it with the new emerging landscape of rhythmic sophistication characterized by the generation of jazzers in the new millennium. Here is a force that is stretching known boundaries and moving the music into new territory.”
— Larry Koonse

RICKY SWEUM ‘More Than Imaginable’

Ricky Sweum (tenor & soprano saxes) 
Clarence Penn (drums) 
Dave Robaire (bass) 
Edward Simon (piano) 
Saxophonist Ricky Sweum joins forces with the world-renowned talents of drummer Clarence Penn, pianist Edward Simon, and bassist Dave Robaire. This fiery and exciting session captures 10 uniquely varied Sweum originals. The disc showcases  his penchant for modern-grooving- free-blowing vamps coupled with beautiful melodic playing reminiscent of classic ECM recordings of the 1970’s. 
Recorded June 8th, 2011 at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY. Recording Engineer: Michael Brorby. Mixed and Mastered by Michael Perez-Cisneros, Brooklyn, NY. CD Design by Donald Wallace/Wallace Creative Inc. Photographs by Kofi Okai. Produced by Ricky Sweum. Compositions by Ricky Sweum.

“Ricky plays with one foot rooted in the tradition and one looking to the future. He is a wonderfully creative saxophonist and prolific composer.”
— Gary Smulyan

TIM WILLCOX ‘Superjazzers, Vol. 1’

Tim Willcox (tenor sax)
David Goldblatt (piano)
Bill Athens (acoustic bass)
Charlie Doggett (drums)
Saxophonist Tim Willcox’s debut album for Ninjazz Records features 9 unique and beautiful compositions performed by some of the Pacific NW’s most acclaimed musicians. Superjazzers, Vol. 1 is the culmination of several years worth of writing and rehearsing with the idea of cultivating a true “group sound”. Influences vary from Keith Jarrett’s 70’s quartet albums to Elliott Smith, Ravel, and John Coltrane.
Recorded August 2010. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Randy Rollofson. Produced by Tim Willcox, David Goldblatt, Bill Athens, and Charlie Doggett. Cover art and design: Randy Emberlin and Donald Wallace.

“His playing here is an organic extension of the songs. He doesn’t fall into the trap of trying to play all the things he’s practiced. You don’t feel him trying to impress you. Instead, his saxophone is a thread in the musical fabric.”
— Rick Margitza